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:: Spotlight :: The Pictures - a chat with Davey Lane

By: Georgia O'Connell

Some might say that The Pictures are just Davey Lane’s side project to You Am I. But with the launch of their brand new EP “Singin’ It Just To See” at the Corner Hotel recently, their biggest headline show to date, and a possible tour in November/December, a side project it ain’t. I was able to catch up with Davey Lane and ask him a few questions about the band.

For someone who wouldn’t know The Pictures, how would you describe them as a band?

Um, I guess celebratory rock ‘n’ roll. It’s not brain surgery or nothing. The way the band has come along, we have a lot of different influences, and music styles, as when we first started out. As we get older, our musical tastes broaden. It is a little bit of a mixed bag. Sometimes I feel like we could be two or three different bands. We could be like a full tilt rock band, or a country rock band, or a band that plays folksy acoustic songs. But I think that when we play live, the rock band side tends to be the most predominate. It would be interesting to make a record, and throw all these different things in to the pot, and make a cohesive thing out of it.

How long have you been together now?

All three of us, only about six months. But Luke and I have been playing in a band together for about two or three years. Some of that time was spent mucking around really, getting a gig, and having only twenty people rock up.

Are you looking at getting an album out soon then?

Yeah, I hope so. I’m going to take to somebody with an axe if I don’t.

Where do you see The Pictures in twelve months?

I just wanna make a record, one that I’m happy with. I think we have enough songs now to do that, so with any luck we might be recording soon and, because I know it would be a hard slog, but to even get to go overseas, and just to tour the living hell out of it.

Do you find it hard to maintain yourself in two bands?

It’s not easy, but at the moment, You Am I is staying low. It means that I’m busy all the time. That’s why I started the band in the first place, because You Am I has a few months of here and there, and like it’s very sporadic. I thought I’d start up the band for a laugh. That’s the thing. People say the band (The Pictures) is a side project. It’s not really; it’s become something else. But neither band is a side project because You Am I is a proper band I got to play in. The Pictures is the only outlet for my own song writing endeavours.

Who are your favourite musicians; the ones you might invite over for dinner?

Syd Barrett - Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Levon Helm - The Band, Brian May (I cop loads of shit for loving Brian May)

t the best part about being part of the music industry?

Just the satisfaction of playing a good show, or slaving away in the studio, and having a record that you’re holding in your hands. It’s like having a little baby, not that I know what that’s like myself, but it’s this thing that you have nurtured, and it’s taken on a little life of its own. Once it’s done, it’s done, and out there for people to love or hate.

Melbourne fans can see these guys at Festival Hall on October 19, opening for Jet.