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:: Spotlight :: Interview with Pop Levi

By: Nathaniel Delaney

Just a while back I caught up with Pop Levi and we had a brief chat about his recently released album, The Return To Form Black Magick Party. The album contains eleven songs all with their own unique flavour. He is hoping for great success in Australia and other countries.

Pop Levi was born and based in London where he continues to strive for excellence in his music career. Since a young age Pop Levi has had a passion for music and anything in its area. When asked what he thinks of having a career in the music industry Pop Levi said “It's a lot of hard work, but it's great.”

Pop Levi is just now being recognised for the great talent he has, His new album has a great variety of songs, all of which he wrote. Rolling Stone magazine rightly classed the album as containing “infectious and inspired moments. Glam rock full of solid grooves and fuzzy guitars.” Pop Levi's music attracts fans from all around the globe, I asked him what it's like being an “emerging star ”. Pop Levi said “It's a good feeling, to be moving up in music, but still being recognised by many people.”

Pop Levi's music career has grown over several years, and he is hoping it will be bigger in the near future. When asked about the pro's and con's of the music business he said, “I love performing, and recording and producing new albums, but I don't particularly like the irregular hours and exhausting work. In the end it all pays off, though.”

“The Return to Form Black Magick Party” is available through Ninja Tune/Inertia.

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