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:: Spotlight :: Interview with The Potbelleez

By: Angela Allan

The Potbelleez are a four-piece Irish/Australian house/electro group. Two of the members are DJs and they were born in Dublin, Ireland. During 2006 the DJ/Producers began recording songs in their Sydney terrace house with two vocalists MC Blu originally from Brisbane and now based out of Sydney, and Ilan Kidron. Their breakthrough single was “Don't Hold Back”, and they followed up this year with “Are You With Me”. The Potbelleez are set to release their new album this October, and lead singer Ilan Kidron isn’t holding back his enthusiasm.

The Potbelleez singer Ilan Kidron is still amazed that he is part of a band whose single ‘Don’t Hold Back’ held the No. 1 spot on the ARIA dance charts for 17 weeks, eventually going platinum. He said, “I only joined the band a year and a half ago and the whole thing has been a wonderful surprise. They’ve been hard times for all of us being creative people and not being able to earn money (from) our creativity but it’s happened and once you’re there, you’re not about to turn back.”

Kidron was discovered at a “crazy party” in Sydney where two Irish DJs, Dave Goode and Jonny Sonic, heard him singing. "I was singing something ridiculous like, ‘You’re in my dirty dreams, you’re in my dirty dreams’, and the guys (Jonny and Dave) really liked it and we recorded it and put it on the first EP.” Their breakthrough single ‘Don’t Hold Back’ came to life in a kitchen. Kidron, Sonic, singer MC Blue and Goode shared a bottle of vodka and wrote the single in about an hour. They had no idea they had a hit. Kidron said, “We never thought it was anything incredible. We got excited, mind you.”

Their latest single ‘Are You With Me?’ has a piano melody that sounds suspiciously like the one on Coldplay’s ‘Clocks’, but Kidron insists the similarity was unintentional. “We in no way did it consciously. We went into a studio and had a big jam and found a `lick’ and went with it,” he explains. “(But) to have anything to do with Coldplay is not such a bad thing at all.”

The band’s debut album is being recorded in a comfortable environment, much like the terrace house in Darlinghurst where they recorded their first songs. Kidron explained, “That’s they way to (record) it. Not because it’s cheaper but because you’re not pressed for time… and you can make certain choice and it’s also private. It’s a bit more relaxed, like if we want to get really drunk we can and not worry.”

'Are You With Me?' is out now through Vicious label. The Potbelleez’s debut album is due out in October.

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