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:: Spotlight :: Push Over 2010 - Interviews with Dash & Will and Young Heretics

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

In the lead-up to this year's Pushover Festival on March 7, we had the opportunity to speak to two young bands with good futures ahead, and which have a captivating live presence - Young Heretics (pictured top right) and Dash & Will (pictured bottom right).

Young Heretics is a Melbourne based duo, comprising Matthew Wright and Kitty Hart. They both have a love of warped pop music and sonic invention. The dual vocal attack incorporates theatrical soundscapes, driving beats and a selection of over 20 other instruments to create a very dynamic sound.

Their most recent recording is an EP titled “The Dreamers” and they are currently recording their debut album titled “We Are The Lost Loves”, which is to be released in the next three months. The band's beautifully haunting vocals are sure to send shivers down your spine.

As the delightful possessor of those beautiful vocals Kitty Hart explained, “It's been a long twelve months. We've been recording the album for most of 2009 and we're putting the finishing touches to it and looking for a May release.” They've interspersed that with several gigs, including a big New Year's Eve show in Sydney. Kitty said, “We had a great time on New Year's Eve and Peaks Ridge was lovely too. I met other bands and had a great time mingling with them.”

About Pushover, Kitty said, “We've never played an all-ages festival like Pushover before. I only ever performed in a band competition prior to Young Heretics forming, when I was very young.”

She's enjoying the development of Young Heretics, although the growing popularity on the Internet is something she takes a back seat to. “My manager is a bigger believer in the Internet though. I tend to adopt a stripped back approach. I don't have time to be on a computer and don't really enjoy it. Matt and I are getting good feedback from fans although we keep to ourselves a lot at our shows.” In the lead-up to Pushover they've just completed a residency at the Royal Derby Hotel in Fitzroy.

Dash (Charlotte “Charlie” Thorpe) and Will (Josie De Sousa-Reay) have known each other since primary school. Their development as Dash & Will has come a long way and, with a debut album “Up In Something” under their belt, look set to further progress into a top Australian act. They are writing for album number two and I spoke to Charlie about the upcoming year ahead. “We're excited about the songs we have for the next album and 4really looking forward to Pushover where we'll try a few out. Josie and I love playing all-ages gigs because young kids are great to play to. We're used to playing in pubs and to adult audiences but the crowd seems to be a bit cool and not into it. Our music is aimed at a younger audience anyway. The kids are so supportive. There should be more all-ages festivals and events.”

Dash & Will have earned good support slots and received generally favourable reviews for the album although they acknowledge much improvement has to be made. Charlie said, “My thoughts change as to how it was going to be received and what we think of it now. We now have a lot of songs that we've written that we're keen to record, so it looks like being an exciting time. We'll just see how it all evolves. You'll see a better Dash & Will performance too, as much happened very quickly last time. We now have our feet firmly planted on the ground.”

Charlie is therefore looking forward to the atmosphere of the Abbotsford Convent setting for Pushover. “It's a great location. It's spooky which makes it kind of cool, and it's an interesting place to walk around. I'm looking forward to meeting some of the other bands in the line-up. Plus, we've done shows with Kisschasy before and it will be good to meet up with them again.”

Pushover 2010 takes place on Sunday, March 7, 2010 at the Abbotsford Convent, 1 St Heliers Street, Abbotsford, Melbourne, Victoria.

It is an All Ages, fully supervised, drug, alcohol & smoke-free event.