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:: Spotlight :: Interview with Samantha Jade

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

Perth-born pop starlet Samantha Jade landed a multiple album deal with Jive Records in 2004 at age sixteen. At that stage, the bubbly singer-songwriter was in Los Angeles pursuing her dreams of becoming a pop star. One of her achievements was to perform the title track for the soundtrack of teen dance film Step Up, which helped spread the word about the talented young West Australian.

After severing her ties with Jive, Samantha now sets out to rekindle her career in Australia. It‘s been a unique career, yet there is still so much for her to fulfil. 2009 and 2010 are gearing up to be Samantha Jade’s breakthrough times as she has chosen to go the independent route with the original team that discovered her several years ago. The new pop single “Secrets” signals the new phase in Samantha's career. The video is very well produced. Samantha is seen to have a crush on a handsome Eurasian gentleman who she suspects has a little 'secret’ and she sets about teasing him.

When recounting her life in music so far, it makes for interesting reading, as Samantha explains, “I got signed to a production company when I was fifteen. I developed myself by recording in various areas and understanding what I needed to do as an artist. I really got into writing and got my first song played on the movie "Shark Tale”. After that I got a deal with Jive Records for three years. It was then a blessing to get out of that contract after some time. It is a big label and they probably saw no room for me, so I had to move on. I did learn so much from that experience and kept great relationships with producers. Obviously, everybody sees the glamorous side of the industry. But it's a lot harder and darker, full of false dreams and expectations. People tell you things that just don't happen. There is a lot of sacrifice. I moved to the United States when I was sixteen. I missed out on a lot but that's just the price you pay when you're doing a job that you love."

Songwriting became a key ingredient for Samantha and several other artists used her songs, notably Ashley Tisdale and Tiffany Evans, plus a few foreign artists. “I felt satisfied that there were artists in Thailand and Russia singing my songs; quite a cool thing to see them sung in another language and in another country.”

Samantha has had the unique experience of singing the US national anthem, at basketball and baseball games but craves to sing the Australian national anthem one day. As far as other singing heroes are concerned, Samantha cites a couple of firm favourites. “I love Christina Aguilera and Beyonce. Their voices are beautiful and strong, just amazing performers.”

Now, Samantha is set to be in the spotlight, hoping to take her career to new heights with her debut album due for release in November. “My sound is generally pop with some urban and soul influence. This album has been a long time in the works and it's going to be great to release it in Australia soon.”

Therefore, the plan is for a November album release and Samantha is keen to get out there in public and perform. “At this stage, I am doing shows in Sydney and Los Angeles and I’ll just be promoting it. It’s not a gut-wrenching album. It’s fun and pop with a few ballads thrown in for a mix. I didn’t want to bore people to tears telling them my whole life story. I want this album to go well and be well received by the people I made it for. I want Australia to love it”

The single “Secrets” is out now.