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:: Spotlight :: Interview with September (Petra Marklund)

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

Petra Marklund was born to sing. By age twelve she was already recording music. At age seventeen she was in a rock band. When she completed her schooling in Sweden Petra had gained a record deal. She proceded to call herself September and released a hit song ‘La La La (Never Give It Up)’. She then achieved some moderate success in the USA with the song ‘Satellites’ in 2006.

Now, back better than ever after a little downtime, September has released ‘Cry For You’, one of the best dance-pop singles you will hear this year. It also comes with a terrific video. The song has been re-released from its 2006 release and also forms a part of her forthcoming album, due to be released in Australia in early October 2008. I had a brief chat to September recently and she is very pleased with the progress she is making. “It has taken a long time for ‘Cry For You’ to make it to Australia and I am really glad to see it do well there and in many other countries. It has been successful in the UK.” It‘s a song that means a lot to her. “Yes, 'Cry For You’ means everything to me. It's my all-time favourite song since I started performing and it is great to travel around for it.”

September‘s goals have been to chart well in Europe and to hit the Billboard Hot 100 in the USA. In the meantime, 'Cry For You’ has been gathering great reviews and responses from her many fans on Myspace and Youtube. She indicated, “I am arranging my schedule to travel to Australia around early October for promotional appearances and some performances. I am very happy with all the comments people make in Australia and how they like my songs. Having a good online presence is the perfect way to communicate. I read all the fan mail and messages that I get. It's everything right now. I am doing my own website at the moment and it should be ready soon.”

September continues the tradition of top quality Swedish pop/dance music that has been exported. She explained, “We like to make music. People have their own studios and set up their own productions. Artists like Robyn and Basshunter have done well outside Sweden and I hope to have more success also.”

The new album will be released in Australia soon and September put all her heart and passion into it. She said, “It is important for me to try and make every song on the album a possible single. I need to market the album that way. I hope the listeners get happy feelings from the album. The songs are catchy and have meaning. I am influenced by 1980s music and it shows in how these songs have been recorded.”

When asked about the short term future, September is very optimistic. “It is an exciting time for me, travelling to Canada, Australia and places like New York and London. I'll be very busy for the rest of this year.”

September‘s latest single 'Cry For You’ is out now through Central Station Records.

Latest News: We have just had word from the US that September‘s 'Cry For You’ has entered the Billboard Hot 100, the first Nordic artist to do this for over a year. In France she was the highest new entry at #6, and in South Africa & New Zealand she is killing it on radio.

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