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:: Spotlight :: 67 Special - Take a walk on their wild side

By: Georgia O'Connell

I’m serious when I say this. It’s been a long time since I have seen a band play and be hanging on to the next lyric or riff they are about to pull out. The first time I saw 67 Special play, this happened. I was in absolute awe of them.

These guys are as hot as they come in rock ‘n’ roll. They devour the stage and have the audience in front of them begging for more. Their tunes are soulful and immersing, and then all of a sudden, crazy front man Ash falls to the floor behind his guitar reeling the crowd further and further in.

The band, which comprises Ash Santilla (lead vocals and guitar), Gavin Campbell (guitar), Bryan Dochstader (vocals and bass), Louis Macklin (Keyboard) Ben Dexter (drums), has been together since 2001 and have recently toured with Dallas Crane on their “Filth and Grime” tour (also supported by The Pictures and The Cops).

“Hey There Bomb” is their debut EP, produced and engineered by Andy Baldwin (also known for his work with 28 Days, Killing Heidi, The Cat Empire). Fans can expect nothing less than the true meaning of rock ‘n’ roll, and absolute oozing of sexiness behind fast and bluesy riding rock based tunes. The second single, “Last Drag”, is out now, and can be heard on several radio stations across the country. As they show on stage, the wildness of being part of a rock band has sunk in very quickly. However, after meeting them in Geelong, I wonder if their wild nature and crazy antics is something that seems to come all so naturally anyway. Their show in Fremantle proved to a wild one and daring party antics took them to high tides and one hundred dollars in their pocket.

Now back in town headlining at the Espy, The Duke, and Public Bar, Friday’s gig at the Espy proved to be a great success. And a few little hiccups with Gav’s guitar didn’t give the crowd any reason to be less impressed. Fast and flirtatious melodies, heavy bass and smoking blues rhythm; the place was rockin’. The boys are preparing to record an album. All the while planning on more travelling and touring through NSW and back to WA for the ROCK IT Festival.

These guys have gained a great wrap through hard work, and loads of live gigs, keeping their fans enthused to hear more and more of what they have to belt out. Keep your ears peeled for the up coming album and for more shows.