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:: Spotlight :: Q & A with DJ/Producer Slap618

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

A quick Q & A with DJ/Producer Slap618

How did you get your start in music?

I started back in 1991 as a radio host on community radio. From here I started DJing, organising gigs etc. I made my first beat in 1999 and started releasing tracks in 2002.

Best and worst parts of being a muso?

Best – expressing thoughts and feelings through music.
Worst – the hangovers

Who would you call the most influential person in hip hop at the moment? How are they helping to shape the climate of Australian music?

I think the idea of one influential person is a bit egocentric; no one person in the music scene deserves that title especially from me. I also feel that hip hop started out as a community, a subculture and that there are a lot of leaders and influential people.

The best live show you ever performed at? And why?

As 1POINT618 (pictured), we are still digging through the trenches doing small shows in the Melbourne scene and every show is a good show as you walk away learning more about your music etc.

Tell us about the process of making your debut self titled album ‘1point618’?

Initially we started working on tracks along with Cable Tasman as Myspherical. In 2006 Cable moved to New Zealand, leaving T Boogie and myself to continue the legacy. We kept working on music and evolved into 1POINT618. I normally start off with a sample loop it up or chop it and flip it add some drums etc and give a rough bass for T Boogie to work on. He’ll come back with some lyrics and a concept and we work on it together from there.

How would you approach it differently the second time around?

Not sure I guess things might change a little but we’ll see when we get there.

What effect do you hope your music will have when people listen to it?

Hopefully they connect with the messages in the music. T Boogie writes on a straight forward yet at times subliminal level and has some deep conceptual tracks in there so it might take the listener a few listens to understand some of those concepts. I feel the music compliments these feelings and concepts and that it hooks the listener into that vibe.

How do you create your songs? Beats first or words? Tell us about the process…

My style is heavily based in the traditions of boom bap hip hop incorporating current music production techniques. Every track on this album contains a multitude of samples that range from a simple loop or something absolutely chopped to pieces and replayed on the MV8000. I also use MIDI and VSTs to compliment these samples. When making a track I want to make it sure it can stand on its own merit as an instrumental piece. From here a good MC is able to listen to that beat and be inspired to write to that beat.

How did you get a gig as Muph n Plutonic’s tour DJ? Any funny stories you can share?

Not long after releasing Hunger Pains their original DJ, DJ FX left the crew due to work commitments. I was working with Muph at Obese Records and we connected a lot on music and life in general when FX left they asked me to join. Funny stories, well after touring for close to three years lets just say there were times when i was laying on the floor in stitches. Both Muph and Pluto are straight up good blokes and we definitely had some good times.

Slap618 is kindly donating his time to co-host the Stand As One Bushfire Appeal event this Sunday, March 15. See more about that elsewhere in the Music Spotlights section