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:: Spotlight :: Spotlight on Australian model/DJ Stacie Todd - for Snowtunes 2015

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

One World Touring is proud to present Australia’s newest and most epic music event, SNOWTUNES 2015, which is coming to the scenic backdrop of Lake Jindabyne on Saturday August 15, 2015.

Featuring the hottest local and international DJs and music acts in the coolest Australian location, SNOWTUNES 2015 is shaping up to be a sonic and visual feast for Aussie music fans. Against a stunning scenic backdrop, and in a world first, internationally-acclaimed stage designers Stagekings will collaborate with award-winning technical production team Chromatic to create an eye-popping, visually spectacular staging and lighting concept ever seen at one of Australia’s most idyllic locations.

DJ Stacie Todd is a recent addition to the SNOWTUNES line-up, travelling all the way from the U.S. She’s been busy performing at special events around the globe, including the recent Ultra Festival, and has played alongside big names such as Tiesto, Steve Aoki, Nervo, Laidback Luke, The Stafford Brothers, Bag Raiders and many others. Stacie is looking forward to heading back to perform in Australia, “I’m so excited to come home after an extensive tour of America. SNOWTUNES will be one of my first shows back in Australia and I can’t wait to get out there and share my energy and beats with the crowd.”

Here is our Q & A with the lovely Stacie Todd.


1. What is your family background?

My dad is from Derby, England and my mum is Australian. I also have a brother. They all live in Perth, Western Australia.

2. Did you grow up in your early teens wanting to be a model?

I never thought of being a model. It was mainly for confidence until I entered a modelling competition and was lucky enough to win and become the face of a big Perth modelling agency. From there I went on to love the industry. Wearing the latest designs and walking down the catwalk gave me such a rush.

3. What did you discover / learn from the modelling scene?

I discovered so much about myself from the modelling scene, It can be such an amazing industry to be a part of. It taught me to be confident in who I am and that hard work really pays off. I learnt about my body and the importance of keeping healthy and staying true to myself.

4. Modelling highlights?

One highlight was booking a big campaign in my home town. The face of Carillon City. My photos were on buses, billboards, shopping bags and even water bottles. It was such a thrill for me. A huge highlight was being chosen to go to Miami to be represented by Ocean Models and be a part of a reality TV show. Unfortunately it didn't air in Australia. It was a great experience and I got to meet so many people.

5. What is your fashion sense?

My fashion sense is a little bit hipster chic / rocker girl. Right now my go to look is, skinny leg jeans, ankle black heel boots, a cute button up shirt, leather jacket, my new fave maroon brim hat; and of course an oversized watch on one hand and a black wrap with gold studs on my other wrist.

6. Beauty tips?

My mum told me there is no need to waste money on expensive products and got me onto cetaphil at a very early age. I still use this today. That is all I have ever used on my face. I always think less is best. I try not to use to many products on my skin. One thing I cannot live without is coconut oil, I use this once a week for a hair treatment and every second day as a full body moisturiser.

7. Advice for young girls aspiring to be models?

Stay true to yourself and only do what you feel comfortable doing. Everybody gets rejected at times but you just need to say to yourself, “you were not what they where looking for at that time”.

8. Do you have a role model/s?

Miranda Kerr was a great role model for me growing up, She is always blogging beauty tips and encourages working out and eating clean.


You've really started to make your mark as a DJ in the past three years.

1. Tell us about your beginnings as a DJ? Was it hard to get the recognition?

I was very lucky in the early stages of DJing because lots of people wanted to give me a chance to prove myself and being an Aussie model in Miami certainly worked in my favour. I was excited about finding music and playing it for crowds of people and I was constantly working.

2. How competitive is it for females, in particular?

It is competitive for females. There aren't too many of us out there, however when you are playing good music the crowds are very welcoming.

3. How important is your image?

My image is everything. Since I started modelling young I have always kept my image at its best as I'm selling myself as well, not just my talents. I always want to look and feel my best.

4. Tell us about forging a particular style and adapting to small clubs and big festivals?

Regardless of whether I'm playing a 50,000 person venue or a club of 200 its always about reading the crowd as I play. I love seeing people dancing and enjoying my music. Of course festivals at first make me a little nervous of the giant numbers, but once I start playing I feel completely at home.

5. Your favourite remixes?

My favourite remix is one that I did of an amazing artist Tkay Maidza - Switch Lanes.

6. Tell us about the atmosphere and excitement in DJing in Miami?

DJing in Miami is out of this world. People there live and breathe music. It's so exciting to play for them. The atmosphere is constant high energy and non-stop dancing all night and day long. They love their pool parties.

7. Is that your favourite place in which to DJ? If not, where else?

I will always love DJing in Miami. It's where I learnt, but I also love DJing in South America. I have a great following there and the people welcome me with open ears and are ready to dance the night away.

8. What artists have been a strong influence on you?

I did a few tours with a DJ from Costa Rica, Ale Mora. He really taught me a lot in terms of making my sets entertaining. It's not just about getting to a gig and playing music, it's about connecting with the crowd, getting on the microphone, getting everyone to do something at the same time and making it fun. Crowds love to become a part of the show.

9. Future musical ambitions?

I would love to continue to play music festivals all around the world and I want to make my mark in Australia. I want to show everyone what I have learnt over the past three years. I love to travel and will continue to keep working hard and growing as a DJ.

SNOWTUNES 2015 will integrate a variety of bars, carnival rides, and a stellar line-up of Australian and International artists, from award-winning duo Hermitude, chart topping rapper Allday, hip-hop darling TKAY MAIDZA, electronic music talent Northie, leading social media icon and rapper Fortafy, along with Slumberjack, MC Losty, Paces, Bad Decisions ft Konvex and Kronic, to provide over seven hours of live music and entertainment.

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