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:: Spotlight :: Laneway Festival spotlight - The Temper Trap

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

Things have gone in a whirlwind for Melbourne band The Temper Trap. From the 2006 Laneway Festival, when they were given their first real break in the spotlight, the band has been firing on all cylinders. It eventually saw the band launch a debut EP at the end of 2006. Having seen their launch gig at Miss Libertine in Melbourne, to a near-packed and supportive crowd, the band demonstrated that they have scope to produce some terrific music for a long time to come. As we approach the 2007 Laneway Festival, in which The Temper Trap again has an active role, I caught up with their frontman Dougy for a quick chat in between some January shows that saw them support UK band Kasabian.

Q.Tell us about the beginnings of the band, and the name change you had to make?

A.The band started about eighteen months ago. I’ve always wanted to start a band. I met Toby and Simon and we started jamming a few times. We realised that we had something to work with. We’ve had a few guitarists and now we’re settled into the band. Yes, we had to change our name a couple of times actually. We were known first as The Harlequins, then Temper Temper, before we found out that a Milwaukee band had it. Then, we became The Temper Trap.

you come from a musical family?

A.Yes, my Dad liked country music. My uncle played guitar in a church choir.[/b]

Q.You had an introduction to the bigger musical landscape through last year’s Laneway Festival…

A.Yes, our bass player Johnny did some work for Laneway promoter and manager Danny Rogers in helping to run some events. I think Danny put us on the opening slot for Laneway 2006 as a favour to Johnny. We were fortunate to have the opportunity and we played a good show that day. A few media/industry representatives were there and they liked us too. Danny later became our manager and we’ve been getting better as a result.

Q.There has been good hype and public support for you over the past six months…

A.We’ve been happy with the support and we had a good end for 2006 with our CD launches, leaving the impression that we’ll be good in 2007. We need to live up to the expectation.

Q.What have you noticed about the build up in public support?

A.We’ve been amazed at how many people turn up to our gigs. We’ve been playing at all these places around Australia for the first time (along with Snowman when we toured together not long ago). The support has been great. The age bracket of the fans is varied too. It’s good that we appeal to different people.

Q.Had you written the four songs on the EP a while ago, and have you got many songs up your sleeve?

A.Those four songs were four of the first songs we’d ever written. We’ve played them the most and know them inside out. We thought that, as a first EP, it would be wise to go with them. We have lots more songs and we’re planning on a mini-album by the middle of the year.

Look out for The Temper Trap at the Laneway Festival. See the details in our Festival News section.

They are also scheduled to perform at the Great Escape Festival and the new V Festival.

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