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:: Spotlight :: Interview with Ty

By: Nathaniel Delaney

Recently I had a chat with Ty a UK hip hop artist. Ty was in Australia for a quick tour, playing a couple of shows in Melbourne and Sydney. He said prior to the trip, “It's going to be a great experience to be touring with The Bamboos (for their album launch). I hope the launch goes well for all of us involved, because it has a good input on me, and that I'm a teamwork guy and I would love to see us all succeed. I can't wait! It's going to be so exciting. I have heard the audiences in Australia are awesome; just a fun bunch to be around.”

This will be Ty's first visit to Australia, as prior attempts at entering the country did not go through. When asked about it, he said, “Coming to Australia will be the greatest achievement in my books, I have tried numerous times in my music career to perform there, but it hasn't worked out.”

Ty is just lifting off his music career, but being in the UK can have negative aspects on a music career. He explains, “In the UK music industry at the moment there is a lot of racism going around. Radio One is a radio station in the UK that a lot of artists would love to get on, as it promotes your career and music. If you go on there you're bound to enter the charts, but now, with racism going on through the station, it's hard to get on there.”

Ty still loves what he does best. When asked about the positive and negatives of starting in the music industry, he says, "The positives? They would have to be my overall skills. I used to be a shy little boy, but now I'm a confident man willing to play in front of massive audiences. And that music has definitely broadened my
horizons. It makes me open to more opportunities and realises what full potential I have inside of me".

Of his passion for hip hop music, Ty said that's what has kept him going in this industry. “My biggest influence on music would have to be the interest and love in hip hop”. Ty was asked what kind of advice do you have for people wanting to get into hip hop. He said, “Create your own industry and career, as that's what hip hop is all about.”

Ty is hoping for a successful career in hip hop, and says “I hope for a happy and successful future in this industry, and that it can broaden my sense in music and in my personal life too.” His new career has made him realise a lot of things in life and that “there's a lot more to the world and that you can really expand yourself in music.”