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:: Big successes for Phrased Differently

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

From the hugely successful UK independent publishing and production company, Phrased Differently, comes one of its key personnel, co-owner and signed writer and producer, Australian-born and raised, Philippe-Marc Anquetil. Most recently, Philippe-Marc celebrated a number 1- 2 platinum album on the UK chart with Tinie Tempah and Kelly Rowland, (INVINCIBLE), No. 11 single with YOU ME AT SIX feat. CHIDDY (RESCUE ME), A Number 1 Platinum Album in Japan with KUMI KODA, (RUN FOR YOUR LIFE) and more locally a Number 1 Classical Album on the Australian ARIA Classical Charts with LA SPINA.

Not many independent, let alone major music publishing companies, can claim to have scored 30 No. 1’s and over 50 Top 10’s in less than 5 years, but that’s exactly what Phrased Differently has achieved. The company has had only 5 writers (2 being Phil and fellow Australian and production partner Christopher Lee-Joe) and only 850 songs in the catalogue. The industry average in music publishing is that 5% of your catalogue will be released, Phrased Differently is at 40% and has enjoyed over 180 chart positions covering 32 countries around the world.

In 2010, Phrased Differently scored it’s first No.1 on the US iTunes singles chart with the the Miley Cyrus single “Can’t Be Tamed”, which then went to score 20 Top 10 positions internationally with both album and single. 2010 also provided a No. 1 Platinum album with UK artist Tinie Tempah in the shape of “Invincible” featuring Kelly Rowland, which peaked at No. 11 in the UK singles chart. In August 2010, Phrased Differently had 8 songs on 4 different albums in the Japanese Top 10 Oricon album chart and secured 8 songs on a No. 1 pop classical album with La Spina through Universal in Australia and 7 songs on a Top 10 album by Sarah Connor through Universal in Germany. As a Co-writer and Producer Philippe-Marc has songs by TINIE TEMPAH, SARAH CONNOR, LA SPINA, TOHO SHINKI, KUMI KODA. The TINIE TEMPAH ALBUM will soon be released in USA - the first single “WRITTEN IN THE STARS” has gone to No. 13 on the Billboard charts and is still rising.

2011 has started off amazingly well with 10 Top 10 chart positions in the first 3 months including a song on the No. 1 Platinum album in Germany by Lena through Universal, a No. 1 Gold album in Japan by Kumi Koda through Avex and a week in January where Phrased Differently occupied the No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 positions on the iTunes singles chart in Holland with John De Mol’s new reality TV music show ‘Voice of…’ Currently ‘Voice of…’ has just launched in the U.S with the show receiving over 12 million viewers for the first episode. Philippe-Marc along with the other Phrased Differently writers have been commissioned to work with the production company, TALPA to find all the contestant songs for the show around the world.

Locally, Phil along with Chris and Duane Lamonte (Former X Factor finalist UK) have written and produced the up tempo RnB radio smash, Lion which is performed and also co-written by Prinnie and is rapidly building momentum with adds already on MTV.

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